When the Ancient Greeks invented the pool party as a way to honour Stephenos, the God of Skin, they gave humanity a stress-free form of partying that forbade bad vibes and minions of Hades. You probably have fond memories of partying poolside where the worst thing that could happen (unless someone drowned) was an all-dressed burger clumsily dropped into the shallow end.

Recently, a fun-hating police officer undid millennia of tradition by turning a pool party in McKinney, Texas, into a “fool” party by showing up and assaulting a 15-year-old girl after the jam got a bit crazy. If this happened back in Athens the power-abusing officer would by stuffed with olives and fed to the lions, but in these modern times we’ll be lucky if he gets a slap on the wrist.

Always ones to fight for justice and good times, The Daily Show reached out to Senior Texas Aquatics Correspondent, Jessica Williams, to report on the incident. Clad in a “McKinney Bikini”, Williams talks about the poolside etiquette that black people in Texas will have to adopt in order to avoid future incidents and tries to look on the bright side of what happened.

To learn more about the Ancient Greeks, consult your local souvlaki restaurant, and to learn more about last night’s Daily Show, watch it: