The final notch has been etched into the timeline of The Daily Show hosting saga, with news today that Trevor Noah will say his oaths and accept the bronze scepter on September 6. Unfortunately, we’ve just been told that there are no oaths or scepters but sitting in the chair that only one butt has occupied since 1999 is a pretty acceptable rite of passage. Trevor managed to sneak onto the set and try it out:

With Jon’s last show airing on August 6, we’ll have well over a month to reflect on his time on the show and mentally prepare for Trevor Noah’s beautiful face staring back into ours four nights a week. If you’ve grown accustomed to it because you’ve already spent a substantial amount of time staring at him, here are a few other things you can do in between hosts to kill time:

- Shoot your own version of The Daily Show and invite your confused grandparents to come on as guests.

- Leave a piece of raw chicken on your counter and if grows hair by the time Noah starts reward yourself with a new piece of chicken.  

- Spray paint an ant orange, let it loose and if it comes back by the time Noah starts, you can legally name it as a dependent.

- Tinker with your current egg salad recipe and try some bold new flavours like maple bologna.

- Don’t sleep for three weeks then do comedy for the first time at an open mic night.

- Dig a big hole and fill it with lobsters. You can use it as a trap or to entice your crush to come over and check out your lobster pit.

Until the transition, let’s enjoying Jon’s remaining shows starting with tonight’s where New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey stops by for a chat about baseball, probably.