Fearing the end of its long life, racism has been making a lot of noise lately in an attempt to go out with a bang. Larry Wilmore and the team at The Nightly Show have taken advantage of this going away party and have been doing an incredible job covering what feels like a surge in race-related incidents in the U.S.

On last night’s program, Larry discussed two recent instances of heinous racism: a Georgia principal who made racist remarks during a graduation ceremony only to blame the comments on Satan, and racist texts between two San Francisco cops, which has compelled the district attorney to revisit thousands of criminal cases.

In the following clip, Larry shows us what was in these texts and plays a game where we get to guess the real texts from one they made up. Check it out!

For the whole story, check out last night’s full episode where Rachel Feinstein, Will Packer and Mike Yard join Larry for a discussion about that racist principal we were talking about: