Sometimes The Nightly Show panel can be pretty stiff, man. It’s not like, a place that’s good for chillage what with its lame office chairs and totally uncool glass table. Like, where are we, my parents’ living room? Why would they fill their living room with office chairs?

It’s definitely not an ideal set-up for the cool attitudes of Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer who make up comedy duo and hit cable television show, Broad City. Last night on 
The Nightly Show Larry brought the girls into the never before used “Nightly Show Lounge and Cool Millennial Hang Out Area” designed to be a safe place for the youth of today to chill, chat, hang, rap, kiss and slog while Larry does his best to not sound old.

The girls joined Larry and youthful Nightly Show contributor Ricky Velez for a rad hang-sesh where they gabbed about breastfeeding photos and a racist backlash against spelling bee winners. Watch it or don’t watch it man, whatever you want to do is totally cool with us.

If you’ve got some time before your selfie-jam with your best bae, watch all of last night’s show where you’ll learn way cooler swag than what that cray cray teacher of yours tries to tell you: