The fourth episode of Inside Amy Schumer season 3 aired last night and just like the past three episodes, it’s nothing short of hilarious!
In one sketch, Amy teamed up with Bill Hader for an awkward but perfectly assembled sketch, mocking the interaction between late night hosts and their stereotypical actress interviewees.
Hader plays the talk show host on “Cliffley Lately,” where he uses cheesy props, corny jokes, and semi-perverted compliments throughout his segment, not unlike the kind doled out nightly by the males of late night.
Amy Schumer plays “Amy Lake Blively,” the awkwardly accurate female guest who’s there to talk about her newest film (and make herself relatable to the male dominant audience by telling them she’s a tomboy at heart AND Star Wars fan). The sketch has all the elements of a typical late night show interview segment—the oftentimes awkward intro (the handshake/hug), the “this is my favourite TV show” line, tacky sound effects, and host-interviewee joke set ups throughout the interview.
Check it out and try not to be distracted by Amy’s legs and the reactions of the two male audience members.  

For more Amy, do yourself a favour and watch last night’s full episode! In case you think we’re biased, go ahead and ignore us and listen to these REAL FANS instead:

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