The next Canadian federal election will take place once the royal wheat in Lloydminster is chin-high and the geese in Ottawa start diving for toads, per national law. Since we have no idea when that will happen, it benefits us—as a democracy—to monitor how other countries are faring in their own elections while we wait.

Rather than waste time with research, we turn to The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper who traveled to London to get the scoop on the recent U.K. general election and find out how it differs from classic U.S.A. democracy. After watching this video you’ll have more than enough information to help you decide how our electoral process—highlighted by its election day oyster shuck-off—stacks up against our buddies’. Pay attention and you won’t have to go to school ever again:

For more of last night’s Daily Show you might as well watch the whole thing because that’s what we meant by “more”. It features Jon adding his own perspective to the UK election and an interview with the legendary John Legend. And tune in tonight at 11ep for a real scorcher, featuring guest Tom Brokaw.