It’s hard to disagree with The Daily Show’s Hasan Minhaj on this one--I’m way better at watching TV than I am at doing anything important.

Since Duke won the NCAA men’s basketball title, Larry Wilmore will host tonight’s Nightly Show clad in spandex. Looks like the show’s writers didn’t want to be left out:

The wonderful James Adomian was on Monday’s Nightly Show, which was probably not as thrilling as the adventure he could’ve gone on with a stranger on the subway:

Nothing about this tweet is funny, but the video inside of it is:

We did notice Sirens’ Kevin Bigley’s hair was lower and we accept his apology.

Match Game’s Sean Cullen should be the one to explain Easter to aliens should they eventually come to eat us.

However bad Trevor Noah’s old tweets are, this new one is pretty great:

A sports team should stencil this tweet from Katie Crown onto the wall of their locker room:

We’re hoping the new Kurt Cobain documentary will be able to answer this query from Aaron Eves:

Amanda Brooke Perrin describes premenstrual syndrome in a way that men can finally understand:

If you haven’t seen Furious 7 yet, maybe you should check out the books first.