Lots of jokes about Jared Leto’s joker this week. Let’s take examine three different takes starting with Match Game’s Pat Thornton:
Toronto joker Tom Henry takes a more light-hearted approach and avoids insulting Leto, shifting the burn toward a guy with a similar last name:
While Darryl Orr takes aim at those who take aim:
Now that our lesson on Jared Leto Joker Joke Variations has concluded, let’s learn about the restaurant business from Jimmy Kimmel Live co-head writer Molly McNearney:
Class adjourned! Celebrate recess with a classic tweet from a classic joke man, the incredible Colin Quinn:
Staying inside and gazing out the window instead of enjoying some four square? According to Anne T. Donahue, you can only be doing one thing:
Can’t think of any more school analogies for these tweet intros so here’s a straight-forward zing from pun-master Nick Flanagan:
I guess it’s better than saying “shut your mouth” but Kayla Lorette did not have a good start to her trip:
Back to school with our boy Paul!
Let’s finish with an important message to all of you aspiring writers out there. Mike Balazo outlines the 7 basic plots you can use in your next story: