We were pretty upset to hear that Sirens got canceled (not our fault, stop sending us scorpions) and apparently so was Kevin Bigley.
Neil deGrasse Tyson will be on The Daily Show tonight to show off his brilliant mind that’s produced many groundbreaking thoughts such as the following:
I usually wish for a leather jacket with my nickname printed on the back and/or a lemon tree in my kitchen, but Inside Amy Schumer writer Christine Nangle has different desires:
Daily Show producer Miles Kahn has saved you twenty bucks and a couple hours with this seemingly accurate summation of that Batman Superman movie:
I'm guessing they were “Oh Carolina” by Shaggy and “Eviscerate Carolina” by Slayer.
Nightly Show guest Guy Barnum envisions a very scary future:
Cristela Alonzo was also on The Nightly Show this week but she should stop going on talk shows and start going to computer school:
Canadian boy and Late Late Show writer, David Dineen-Porter reveals Stan Lee’s creative process:
If you imagine Georgea talking about the bank in this tweet, it makes your brain feel like an MC Escher painting:
I’ve always loved bass players, except for Keanu Reeves’ work in Dogstar. Not sure what that makes me.