The wonderful Deb DiGiovanni of Match Game fame gets philosophical about the big fashion show that is Coachella.
The Ben Show’s Ben finally opened up about the attractiveness of his friends.
Well Brody, at least you don’t look like Spongebob. Guy’s head is so square he probably can’t support his favourite baseball team with an official cap.
If Brent Butt’s Twitter feed had an audio assist option it’d be like “hahahahahahahahahaha”
Match Game host Darrin Rose sees time not as a flat circle, but as a fantasy TV show on HBO.
Sara Hennessey’s tweet made me laugh but then it got me thinking about dying on my birthday and I laughed even harder.
Are cargo shirts still cool?
I think you can tell a lot about a person by whether or not they consider Honey Nut Cheerios a treat.
The hilarious Monica Heisey has a new book out, full of stuff like this probably: