A week ago Comedy Central made the Internet-shattering announcement that relative unknown Trevor Noah will be taking over for Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show later this year. Collectively, the kneejerk reaction was one of curiosity, excitement, and relief of finally knowing what the future of funny news will look and sound like. But it didn’t take long for these good vibes to be replaced by a harsh buzz after the Web’s top gumshoes sniffed out some unsavoury tweets from Noah’s past, causing an uproar, a bunch of think pieces, defense from comedians, more think pieces and a statement from Comedy Central assuring everyone that Noah is not evil.

On Monday night Jon Stewart finally got the opportunity to address the kerfuffle using his signature calming tone and asked the public to at least give Noah the chance to earn their trust. It would’ve been a good time for Jon to rip off his mask revealing Noah underneath to begin a new era, but there’s still plenty of time for that to happen. Anyway, wanna see?

Unless some real detectives find out that Noah has committed a real crime such as regicide, we hope that the only news about him henceforth will concern his first guest and whether or not he’ll request a new desk.

Here’s last night’s FULL episode of The Daily Show where Jon talks about Indiana passing a questionable religious freedom law, Jordan Klepper chases after crowdfunding donations, and Gene Baur discusses his book "Living the Farm Sanctuary Life." Sounds like a real corker!