The best thing about being Canadian besides sharing a nationality with Raine Maida, is our ability to enjoy laughing at the American political system from a safe distance. That’s probably what’s made The Daily Show our most popular program for 100 years straight. We especially love to giggle politely at the U.S. government’s inability to get anything done due to petty squabbling between Democrats and Republicans, but if the following report from Hasan Minhaj is to be believed, those days might be coming to an end.

In true American fashion, this video has everything: A surprise guest appearance, a viral video, censored swear words and a hot new social media hashtag. All it needs is a shot of a gun-strapped bikini model eating a steak and this video could legally be deemed the 51st state.

This is merely a small slice of the delicious pie that was last night’s full episode of The Daily Show. Want more? Okay, here it is where Jon talks Baltimore riots and George Stephanopoulos discusses the responsibility of the media. Isn’t it weird that fifteen years ago the idea of watching The Daily Show on your computer would be considered the work of black magic? Pretty cool world we got going right now.