Celebrities are the brine that pickles the mundane lives of the non-famous. They inspire us, make us insanely jealous of their successes, entertain us and teach us what jeans to wear. Very few are born famous; most earn it, some bought it and some attained it via wish from a wise toad that is rumoured to live in the desert surrounding California and is responsible for the careers of Brett Ratner and Kid Rock.

In this new blog feature, we take a look at celebrities who started on their road to money by working in the competitive world of stand-up comedy. While comedy can pay some bills such as pizza bill and compact car bill, comics generally strive toward writing and acting in TV and movies to be able to pay more opulent bills like butler bill and food for pet lion bill.  Today’s celebrity tax payer is Chelsea Peretti, one of the stars of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!


Chelsea Peretti

Famous For:

Acting in funny shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Kroll Show and Louie

Interesting Facts:

* Chelsea was childhood friends with Brooklyn Nine-Nine co-star Andy Samberg and fellow comic Moshe Kasher. Talk about great birthday parties!

* Chelsea’s brother is Jonah Peretti who founded Buzzfeed. I bet they give each other funny and thoughtful birthday cards!

* Chelsea has a podcast called Call Chelsea Peretti where she takes calls from people and chats about a weekly theme
. There’s probably one about birthdays.

* Chelsea is currently dating Key & Peele’s Jordan Peele, making for one of comedy’s hottest power couples. Holy cow, Peele’s birthday is only one day later than Chelsea’s!

Before landing big roles on TV, Chelsea was a comedy star with a tight stand-up act, a killer Twitter feed and a job writing for Parks and Recreation. She’s now best known for her role as Gina Linetti on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which is only the beginning for this hilarious Oakland-native.

Now let’s take a magical trip back to 2011 and Chelsea's Comedy Central Presents special where she talks talks about her ideal sexual partner, mid-coital jokes and big, dumb guys. You’ll find that before she was famous, she was funny (and still is, that’s how she’s stayed famous).