President Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote his new film, Chappie, where he voices a robot that joins a gang. Wait, no, he’s not in that, we’re thinking of Sharlto Copley.

Anyway, President Obama was really on the show last night and Jimmy had a lot of fun asking him the kind of questions that most of us have always wanted to ask, but don’t have the White House press credentials to do so. For example, do aliens exist?

What’s the President’s daily life like? Does he cook? Drive? Go to the bathroom? Jimmy didn’t have the guts to ask him that last part but he does address the other stuff.

Obama probably hasn’t seen a receipt in a long time, so was he shocked to see what they look like today?

As a “cool” President, Obama is up to date on the latest technologies including planet-exploding laser guns, invisible tanks and the latest smartphones.

We’re not sure if being a good sport is a quality the most powerful man in the world should have, but it certainly makes for an entertaining talk show appearance.

Obama talked about some serious stuff too but if we wanted to watch something serious we’d tune into Bravo's 19-2, a gritty crime series taking place on the tough streets of Montreal.