Following a hard-fought game, pro hockey players are forced to suppress all the emotions built up over sixty minutes and face the media. It’s definitely one of the less desirable aspects of the job and thankfully most pros are taught proper post-game etiquette to avoid saying something stupid. It makes for some uninteresting, repetitive answers but most players would rather be boring than controversial, which leads to more interviews, which usually leads to more controversy.
If there’s one guy who knows a thing or two about hockey, the media and giving interviews, it’s Jared Keeso, who grew up playing, once portrayed Don Cherry in a TV movie and is behind Letterkenny, a show about a land where hockey players run rampant. In a hilarious new sketch from Keeso, he and Dylan Playfair play two players faced with a barrage of tough post-game questions, showing us how real pros handle it.
Check out the video below and watch some Letterkenny Problems now on Comedy!