Legendary actor Leonard Nimoy passed away today at the age of 83 and will best be remembered as Spock, the character he immortalized for over forty years. While Spock is known for being logical and emotionless, Nimoy himself had an eclectic career and was never afraid to poke fun at himself or his most famous character. Let’s take a look at some of the lighter moments of Leonard Nimoy’s legendary life that even non-Trekkies will enjoy.

Any self-respecting comedy fan will remember Nimoy’s hilarious cameos on The Simpsons. After fellow Star Trek alum George Takei turned down an offer to appear in season three's Marge Vs. The Monorail, Nimoy stepped in and helped make the episode the fan favourite it is today:

Nomoy returned as himself in the big X-Files crossover episode, The Springfield Files:

It made perfect sense for Nimoy to make an appearance on The Big Bang Theory, especially after Sheldon obtained his DNA from an autographed napkin Penny gave him:

Though not appearing physically on the show, he did eventually lend his signature voice to a Spock action figure that haunts Sheldon:


Nimoy also had a career as a musician, releasing five albums of musical and vocal recordings. Here’s a great song from a 1967 episode of a variety show called Malibu U, that is the stuff nerd dreams are made of:

Second City just posted this clip from SCTV featuring another lost legend, Harold Ramis, doing a spot-on Spock with Dave Thomas as McCoy:

RIP Leonard Nimoy