Hollywood’s brightest stars were twinkling like crazy last night in celebration of the 87th Academy Awards, the world’s most famous movie contest. With all the glitz and glamour it’s easy to forget that all of last night’s nominees have spent years honing their craft and that hard work is as important as beauty and connections when it comes to success in the business.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscar special, we were treated to a glimpse into the mind of one of Hollywood’s most prolific acting coaches, who is responsible for making the careers of your favourite celebrities. Part 1 of the two part epic features last night’s Best Actor winner Eddie Redmayne, well-known member of the Bridges clan, Jeff, TV’s Kristen Bell, Susan Sarandon, Jennifer Aniston, and Gary Oldman literally acting his way out of a paper bag.

Part 2 is even more intense with appearances from Sean Penn, Kimmel nemesis Matt Damon, Lupita Nyong’o, and legal partners John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! is back tonight at midnight with its regular mix of celebrities, music and fun including an interview with Kobe Bryant an unforgettable musical mash-up featuring Warren G and Kenny G.