Enter the Mind Hole is a new album from the mind holes of Toronto-based comedians Rodrigo Fernandez-Stoll and Gwynne Phillips, with audio production, engineering and music created by Gavin Whelehan and rad cover art by Wolf G Krusemark. The ten tracks on the album are a delightful mishmash of sketches and songs that will have you laughing, dancing and wanting to have weird sex somewhere.

Many comedians can write funny lyrics but very few have the ability to actually sing and produce a comedy song worthy of repeat listens. Just like current funny album kings The Lonely Island, Enter the Mind Hole is extremely well-produced, well-sung and very funny. The trio doesn’t limit themselves to one particular musical style, effortlessly pulling off each they tackle—taking the punk route on the aptly titled “Jizzin’ on the Government”, bringing funky hip hop to “Puke On My Butt” and going R&B smooth on “Tell Me Where 2 Put It”. If that sentence didn’t make you want to check this out then you should exit this page immediately.

The sketches also demonstrate just how versatile the performers are, and once you’ve entered the mind hole, you never really know what’s coming up next. The Mind Hole is made up of extremely good character actors whose voice work on the album will have you convinced you’re listening to a full squad of pros rather than a simple threesome. With all this variety and none of the tracks feeling drawn out, the album moves fast and furious and truly leaves you wanting more. It’s the ideal showcase for perfomers who have talents that are not always easy to show off in a typical comedy club.

Do your own mind hole a favour and grab the album on iTunes before the Internet explodes!