If you like your Academy Awards to include a heavy dose of comedy, your best bet is to probably skip the ceremony altogether and instead tune into JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: AFTER THE OSCARS® on Sunday around midnight (or whenever the Oscars end).

With Jimmy Kimmel Live! having its home base directly across the street from the Dolby Theatre, Jimmy is bound to attract some of the big winners alongside confirmed guests John Travolta, 2015 OSCAR® host Neil Patrick Harris, Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon, Eddie Redmayne, Lupita Nyong’o, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Gary Oldman, Jeff Bridges, Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell.

If Best Picture was to be decided by how funny a nominated film is, then we’d definitely toss the statue to The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson’s hilarious, touching and colourful adventure story of a concierge and his protégé. Whiplash was kind of funny if you’re into yelling, Birdman features Michael Keaton running around Times Square in his underpants and American Sniper used a very fake baby, but other than that this year’s nominees are once again light on laughs.

To inject some humour into the proceedings we’ve tried to find the best parodies of these films that we could find, which was somewhat difficult considering the subject matter of some of them. Anyway, let’s have a few smiles before we cry our eyes on Sunday on behalf of all those whose dreams will come true by winning a trophy shaped like Powder holding a sword.


We posted this clip in a previous blog, but it’s so good we felt like posting it again. We would love to see an alternate version where Weird Al screams at someone for not being able to hit the high notes in “Like A Surgeon”.


Richard Linklater is the genius behind Dazed and Confused and he directed School of Rock, so we know the talented Texan who birthed Boyhood has a good sense of humour. Unfortunately, the film isn’t exactly brimming with laughs so let’s see what happens when the main boy is replaced with a totally different, much cuter creature.


Someone was bound to do this:


We should just embed The Grand Budapest Hotel in its entirety because it is genuinely funny, but due to legal reasons we’ll instead present this spot-on SNL spoof that really nails Wes Anderson’s Wes Anderson-isms:


Who better to spoof Birdman than the original bird man, Big Bird!


This is a tough movie to make fun of because it manages to combine two very serious subjects: war and sexuality. Being the comical genius he is, Jimmy Kimmel mined some jokes from the film by simply recontextualizing it with the help of Best Animated Feature nominee, How To Train Your Dragon 2:


Like The Imitation Game, The Theory of Everything is virtually un-mockable as it tells the story of the crippling disease suffered by the great Stephen Hawking. The film’s star and Best Actor nominee, Eddie Redmayne, will be on Jimmy’s big Oscar show and in this preview, he shows that maybe he doesn’t deserve a nomination:


Looks like nobody on the Internet had the guts to do a spoof Selma, just as the Academy didn’t have the guts to nominate it in any major acting category despite being a Best Picture nominee. Don’t take our word for it, let Key & Peele lay it down in this bit from their amazing Super Bowl special:

Good luck to all of this year's nominees!