Toronto-based performer Marty Topps entered the spotlight after releasing a whole album of songs dedicated to action sports brand “TapouT”. Between then and now Topps took top prize at the Laugh Sabbath Film Festival, released a TapouT Christmas album and has been performing regularly in shows all over Toronto. Unfortunately, all this recent activity and success seems to have put a huge strain on his marriage to his wife, Jean Pants. Now, you may think we’re being rude by passing on this bit of seemingly private news, but in an effort to win back Jean, Marty has released a brand new, very public album that deals with his troubles called LIVE! From the Rotary Club.

Recorded one magical night at The Rotary Club in Toronto, the album features 15 tracks inspired by Jean with the goal of getting her back. Since Jean was in attendance for the recording, we the audience are able to audibly follow Marty’s journey toward reconciliation, all backed by the catchy, keytar-supplied synth jams that Topps is known for.

Funny, sad, sexual and toe-tapping, this album has it all and features appearances from local talents Bridget Tobin, Brandon Brackenbury, James Hartnett, Tim Gilbert, Eric Andrews and Adam Kemp. Give it a listen below and if you like what you hear or need to show your wife that maybe your own problems aren’t so bad compared to Marty’s, buy it for her! And if you want to get crazy and live in Toronto, there’s a huge album release party tonight at Double Double Land