When a big TV show ends there are always questions raised about what happened to the physical elements of the show – the sets, the props, the leftover cheese etc. When Seinfeld ended everyone wanted to know what happened to Jerry’s apartment’s buzzer and when Golden Girls was no more, there was a lot of talk surrounding Sophia’s bedpan.  

If you’re concerned about the fate of the desk and fireplace from The Colbert Report after the show ends on Thursday, take matters into your own hands and take one home yourself! We’re not talking about theft--though that would technically work—we’re talking about buying a raffle ticket from charity raffle site, Omaze.

By buying entries you support the Yellow Ribbon Fund and Donorschoose.org, benefitting injured service members and teachers, respectively. There are several different donation levels meaning the more money you donate, the more entries you receive, so dust off those emeralds Uncle Debbie left you and enter for a chance to win a part of TV history. With the desk and the fireplace you can start your own Colbert Report!