The Simpsons latest holiday-themed episode airs on Sunday and in an effort to drum up interest and get us all “hyped”, Fox’s marketing team decided to release the episode’s couch gag today.

It’s a celebration of winter, the holidays and of course, Frozen, the Disney movie that has taken children’s entertainment by storm while remaining somewhat of a mystery to those of us without kids, which is why the end made no sense to me.

Starting on Monday, Comedy will air Simpsons holiday episodes nightly at 9:30ep to get you PUMPED for all the wonderful things surrounding Santa season. Now that we’ve given you this lovely gift, feel free to send us OUR present. Kidding, we know most of you can’t afford a boat that’s captained by a highly intelligent team of dolphins and that’s the only thing we want. Anyway, below is our full Christmas in Springfield schedule and while you’re clickin’ around, check out our full holiday lineup that sadly does not include a partridge, a pear tree or any other living thing.

Dec. 8 -- Miracle On Evergreen Terrace
Dec. 9 -- Grift Of The Magi
Dec. 10 -- ’Tis The 15th Season
Dec. 11 -- Simpson Christmas Stories
Dec. 15 -- Kill Gil (Part 1 & 2)
Dec. 16 -- The Fight Before Christmas
Dec. 17 -- Holidays Of Future Passed