The Colbert Report

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do this without crying, but here goes nothing… okay, I’m crying… hold on… okay, here are The Colbert Report’s final guests. After nine years, the show ends forever on Thursday with a visit from Stephen’s “colleague and lifelong friend”, Grimmy. Will Grimmy usher “Stephen Colbert” into the next life, or will he remove his skull mask to reveal a popular celebrity beneath? Does life even matter after Thursday?!! I’m crying again but I realized I can type and cry at the same time.

MONDAY: Seth Rogen, actor/director/screenwriter - "The Interview" 
TUESDAY: Kendrick Lamar, musician.
WEDNESDAY: Phil Klay, author - "Redeployment"

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

It’s pretty cool of Jon Stewart to book a bunch of no names this week so as not to take away from Colbert’s big final run. You’ll probably have to look some of these guests up on Wikipedia because I’ve never heard of them. Well, except for that snowboard guy, Tim Burton. Didn’t know he directed movies.

MONDAY: Tim Burton (director – promoting movie “Big Eyes”)
TUESDAY: Paul McCartney (promoting his single "Hope" from the new video game "Destiny")
WEDNESDAY: Anna Kendrick (actress – promoting movie “Into The Woods”)
THURSDAY: Chris Rock (comedian/actor/director – promoting movie “Top Five”)

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

I heard Stephen Colbert wanted worldwide superstar Christine Baranski for the big final show but she had booked this spot on Kimmel three years ago. Thanks for ruining Christmas, Baranski!

MONDAY: Emily Blunt, Lee Pace, Music from Alt-J 
TUESDAY: Interview with and Music from Garth Brooks, Tracey Ullman
WEDNESDAY: Michael Keaton, Megyn Kelly, Music from George Ezra
THURSDAY: Christine Baranski, Music from Jenny Lewis 
FRIDAY: Ryan Seacrest, Rebecca Romijn, Music from Vintage Trouble