The standard path to getting good at something usually starts with relentless practice and hopefully culminating in pure mastery, enabling you to use your new skills out in the open to show the world you’re an expert. Normally, the practice phase takes place somewhere private so you feel safe and free to make mistakes. Stand-up comedy is not normal.

It’s probably the only occupation that forces one to practice right out in the open because a comedian can’t get good by doing their act in front of a mirror for five years. The audience is an integral part of developing a comic's career, providing immediate feedback and bringing the cockiest of amateurs down-to-Earth. It can be a painful process, but one that can be very fun to watch, so long as you’re not the one on stage. Want to check it out without having to trudge through the snow to your local comedy club? Check out Joke Or Choke, tonight at 9ep!

The stand-up competition show put four comedians in front a live audience AND a very honest judge to try out brand new material based on topics they were given one week before. Over the course of an episode, comics are judged and ruthlessly eliminated from the show until one emerges as the JOKE OR CHOKE Champion.

On the tonight’s pilot episode that could previously be seen on CTV Extend, Steve Dylan, Amanda Brooke Perrin, Daniel Woodrow, and Fraser Young bravely take to the stage to try to impress the ever-fickle Joke Or Choke judge and Mark Forward (a highly decorated stand-up in his own right) with jokes about breakups, the Olympics and celebrities. With hosting provided by the hilarious Jonny Harris, Joke Or Choke is a crazy fun comedy obstacle course that will see some successfully joke, while others simply choke.

Wanna know more about the show? Check out our interview with Mark Forward and series creator Craig Brown RIGHT HERE.