While American comedians can get promotde through appearances on TV and in movies, the sad reality is that Canadian comics simply don’t have the same number of opportunities available. Canadian Comedian Mark Forward, who has had the benefit of big time U.S. promotion with appearances on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, today started the hashtag #promoteacanadiancomic with the hope that the Canadian comedy community could band together to shine the spotlight on underappreciated comics and their work. 

It seems to be working as all day comedians have been singing the praises of their peers, which will hopefully seep out of the confines of the community and into the public at large. We here at thecomedynetwork.ca try to do our part in promoting the best homegrown talent and we're hoping the hashtag will inspire more agressive sharing of Canadian content. Instead of singling out anyone in particular (well, except Mark Forward), it's probably more fair to bring attention to our massive back catologue of Comedy Now! sets and video library where you can search for your Canadian faves and share away!