If there’s one Canadian who knows a thing or two about debates, it’s comedian Steve Patterson. As the host of CBC Radio One’s The Debaters since 2007, Patterson has presided over hundreds of debates between fellow comedians, experience that Patterson wears on his sleeve, and debut stand-up album, This Is Not Debatable.

The album’s title is an obvious reference to his day job, but the theme also weaves itself throughout. Because it’s structured as a one man show and not a traditional stand-up performance where topics can meander, the jokes and stories here are tied together by Patterson’s simple worldview that everyone is either friendly or an “arsehole” and that life is much better when you’re the former. To Patterson, this is not debatable, nor is the fact that he is a wonderful performer who has a great talent of telling stories and bringing an audience into his world.  Having so much experience on the radio over the years has given his delivery a patient, warm quality, characteristic of the great CBC radio personalities of the past and his views feel very Canadian (in a good way) which is one of the reasons his show garners half a million weekly listeners.

The theme of debate runs rampant through the first half of the album with Patterson espousing on his theories of how to be a good person as well as some very funny debate tips for men who always tend to lose arguments with their significant others. One of the stand-out tracks is a story about the lunches Steve’s cheap father would pack for him, culminating in what was the best day of his life (not debatable). Following a well-executed song about arseholes, the album switches gears slightly to get into politics before arriving back at marriages with the album’s hilarious three-pronged closer about an accident on a golf course.

This Is Not Debatable is an entertaining album with some great stories and observations from one of Canada’s most well-respected personalities. This album should end any debate about whether Steve Patterson is a great comedian, so if you’re one of those arseholes that still doesn’t believe it, download a copy and find out for yourself.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2.The F.A. Continuum: Part 1
3. The F.A. Continuum: Part 2
4. Letter to Cyclists
5. Debating Tips for Men: Part 1
6. Debating Tips for Men: Part 2
7. Mock Chicken & Split Pea Soup
8. Don’t Be An Arsehole: INTRO
9. Don’t Be An Arsehole: SONG
10. Feces Flying Monkeys
11. Wall Placed Sarcasm
12. Beavers Vs. Polar Bears
13. Letter To Same Sex Marriage Opponents
14. Air Traffic Controllers Vs. Hamsters
15. Golf Cart 1
16. Golf Cart 2
17. Golf Cart 3