Back in my day we weren’t scared of Ebola or friggin’ being drafted into the Hunger Games or whatever. In my day the scariest place in the world was a villain’s compound—sprawling mansions teeming with guards, dogs, snakes and half naked women, brought to life in the action films of the 1980s. Key & Peele were alive back then too and in the following preview from tonight’s brand new episode airing at 10:30ep, the duo goof on the classic villain’s lair as well as the weaponry involved in saving the babe in a sketch called “STRIKE FORCE EAGLE 3: THE RECKONING ”.

If this all sounds way too scary, watch last week’s episode, which despite being titled “Scariest Movie Ever” is actually quite cute… or is it? Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhehehehehehehohohoho