We were thinking of airing an old episode of Chunk Bunkers tonight at 10:30ep (the one where Deggy loses the third chunk), but we thought it would be a better idea to go ahead and show a new episode of Key & Peele instead. You know why? Because we were scared that if we aired Chunk Bunkers, we’d face a backlash from viewers and advertisers alike, causing a chain reaction and leading to the end of Comedy as we know it.

We’ve been thinking a lot about consequences ever since we watched this sketch from tonight’s new episode. Peele plays an ex-con tasked with scaring some high school kids into living a good, crime-free life, only the school’s principal (Key) begins questioning whether he’s telling the truth. Watch the sketch, think about your life, stop thinking about your life around 10:30ep, watch Key & Peele, go to bed, and then wake up tomorrow morning and eat a nutrient-rich breakfast. You’re welcome!