Most of you come to this website to watch free episodes of The Daily Show because you've shunned cable packages, so you’ll be very pleased to know you can read a new, long interview with Jon Stewart from this week’s New York Magazine without even having to buy the magazine!

We shouldn’t have to sell you on something that’s free but we’re still high from eating mountains of discounted Halloween candy so here goes nothing: in the interview Jon talks about making his new movie Rosewater, the politics of today, Stephen Colbert’s birthday party, his opportunity to host Meet The Press and tons more.

Stewart’s current contract ends next fall and there is some speculation he might want to move on, but as the he notes in the interview, the 2016 election might make him stick around a little while longer:

Could covering the 2016 election motivate you to stay at The Daily Show?
Yeah. But part of the thing to remember is this is not the only process by which you can work material, and sometimes it’s more important to step back and reconfigure a conversation than continue the same conversation because you know how to do it.

Tune in to The Daily Show tonight at 11ep for a brand new episode featuring Maggie Gyllenhaal’s little brother Jake, who is also an actor.