Looking at and listening to Jon Steinberg, you might judge the wild-haired comedian as a lazy stoner… and you’d be correct. Mostly. Jon doesn’t hesitate to remind us of his fondness for weed as well as his relaxed attitude toward life on his hilarious new stand-up album, Between Me and the Wall, but to produce a tight 35-minute recorded set takes effort. Based on his patient delivery and efficiently-worded jokes, it’s clear that Steinberg has put a lot of work into honing the album, proving that at the very least, he isn’t lazy about comedy.

To get to know Jon Steinberg you should probably buy the album, which is chock full of jokes about a random assortment of things including food, relationships, growing up, TV and more. Steinberg manages to take seemingly mundane topics, relate them to his own life and more often than not, end them with delightfully dark twists.Between Me and the Wall is available now, but we’ll help get the fire started by sharing some of what we learned about life from listening to it:

How to parent:
Don’t let the Internet raise your kids, leave that to TV.

Where not to purchase new technology:
Don’t buy a laptop from an airport vending machine, you don’t want to have to buy another one if the first gets stuck.

How to get rich quick:
Start counterfeiting quarters.  

The difference between Hanukkah and Christmas:
Christmas and Hanukkah are the same except at Christmas the presents come in a big sock.

How not to share toys:
Painting a Barbie Car black doesn’t necessarily make it a Batmobile.

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