The latest episode of Do You Have What It Takes? aired last night within Jimmy Kimmel Live! and when Jimmy decided that the reality competition show was moving too slowly, the process was sped up considerably leaving us with the final four.

After weeding out those who didn’t have what it took, each judge handpicked one contestant to mentor going forward. We’re not sure exactly what “going forward” will entail but judging by the raw emotion of the finalists, it’s going to be a hilarious journey. And nothing against Nadir, Maria and Swaggy-T but if Carter (a Canadian no less) doesn’t take home the prize with the help of Malcolm-Jamal Warner, I’ll be VERY surprised.

If you don’t have what it takes to watch episode 3, meaning you haven’t seen episodes 1 and 2, they should appear under this text unless something has gone horribly wrong.