Jimmy Kimmel has found a sure fire segment to make us all laugh. Celebs Read Mean Tweets. This is the eighth instalment!

Although the authenticity of these tweets has been questioned, we still like to suspend our scepticism for three minutes to enjoy this. I mean, there are enough internet haters out there for everyone to have a bad Tweet written about them.

This instalment features everyone’s faveourite love to hate her gal Gwyneth Paltrow, Chloe Grace Moretz and Lisa Kudrow. Also, as the headline promises, we see John Stamos’ gross belly button. It is weird.

Britney Spears also pops up, although there is a part of us that feels worried for Brit’s fragility. We need to protect her!

Check out the clip below. We have to say that the Geena Davis tweet is the best. What a gal.

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