Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is known for many things. Good looks. Great acting. Laid-back attitude. Saying ‘alright, alright, alright’ a lot. And celebrities doing spot on impressions.

In the past week alone, McConaughey’s Lincoln commercial has inspired Canadian Jim Carrey and Canadian-lovers South Park to perform their own ode’s to MM. We can never get enough of Matthew, whether it’s the real him or celebs impersonating the ‘just keep living’ believer.

1. Jim Carrey

As this past week’s host for SNL, Carrey took on the recent Lincoln ads starring McConaughey and asked the same thing we’ve all been wondering – shouldn’t these have been made right after Lincoln Lawyer?


2. Breckin Meyer

The Franklin and Bash star admitted to Conan that during an audition with Matthew, he accidentally began impersonating the famous actor. Things got awkward when McConaughey asked where Meyer was from and he answered ‘Los Angeles’. It’s to the left of Texas.


3. South Park

Last week, South Park took McConaughey from a Lincoln to a Handi Car to a black hole in their episode on Uber cars (watch here).


4. Kate Hudson

Frequent MM co-star Kate Hudson shared a touching moment during an event last week honouring McConaughey. Hudson explained that she had just gotten divorced and was terrified of filming with sharks, but a few encouraging drawls from Matthew and it was time to hit the waves.


5. Matt Damon

This impression is essentially Matt Damon combining two very successful, very good looking actors. Is there anything Jason Bourne can’t do? No.


6. Taran Killam

Three McConaugheys? Alright, alright, alright.