The Simpsons have never shied away from an absurd plot, but their annual Halloween Treehouse of Horror specials are where they take storytelling to the extreme. We don’t know about you, but there have been a fair share of spooky tales from those specials that still occasionally haunt us and give us nightmares.

From October 13-31, Comedy is presenting the Simpsons Treehouse of Horrorthon with the spooky specials airing nightly at 9:30ep. Check out the full list here

To prepare you for this, we’ve picked out what we think are the scariest stories ever told on The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror.

“Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace”
Nightmare On Elm Street is a classic horror film and The Simpsons were able to capture the terror of Freddy Krueger perfectly in Groundskeeper Willie. When Bart and Lisa struggle to stay alive in their dreams, we felt panicked too. In fact, did anyone go to bed after watching this for the first time?


“Clown Without Pity”
If Chuckie has taught us anything, it’s that dolls are f–king scary. Pair that with a clown — Krusty the Clown, to be specific — and you’ve got the ultimate nightmare. Pint-sized toys are cute and innocent until their wielding a life-sized knife.


“Night of the Dolphin”
I’m sure you’ve had this conversation with a friend before: What if [insert animal species] took over the world? This is exactly what happens in “Night of the Dolphin” and with a creature we didn’t suspect. Dolphins are cute and cuddly! But by the looks of the way we’ve been treating these adorable animals, it’s not that surprising that they’d have a lot of built-up anger towards the human race.

“Nightmare Cafeteria”
It’s already bad enough that we feared our teachers in school, but can you imagine if they picked you off one by one, murdered you and served your remains in the cafeteria? We don’t recommend you watching this one on a school night.

“The Shinning”
Homer Simpson is lovable, goofy, often times a little dimwitted, but he’s never murderous. So to see the beer and TV lover go crazy and attempt to kill his adoring family is a little unsettling. Of course, we understand that Homer was deprived of his two fave things in the world — said beer and TV — but even then, there’s no need for violence (outside of Homer’s usual ‘Why you little!’ Bart choke).

Honourable mention: Guillermo del Toro’s Treehouse of Horror opening
If you know anything about the Mexican film director, you’ll totally understand the references scattered all over last year’s Treehouse of Horror opening. From Groundskeeper Willie as Hellboy to Mr. Burns channeling Pan’s Labyrinth, and many other movies and TV shows outside of del Toro’s famous filmography (here’s a cheat sheet), the freaky segment is definitely up there as one of the strangest and scariest things to ever appear in a Simpsons Halloween special.