Back in the good old days, if you were playing a sport and you injured your head you’d go stick it in a bucket of ice, make sure it wasn’t bleeding, inhale some smelling salts and head back out there no matter how blurred your vision was. Thankfully for us, Key & Peele are a couple of good old boys who recognize that massive brain injuries are part of sports and athletes are built to play through the pain. In a preview of next week’s brand new episode a quarterback gets crushed and opts to stay in the game, leading the kind of odd and hilarious huddle that's missing from today's prissy sports landscape of proper diagnoses and precautionary messures. Watch below to learn the symptoms of a bad concussion and to keep the laughs rolling CLICK HERE to watch Wednesday's Key & Peele. If you start feeling dizzy, splash some mouthwash in your eyes, snort some paprika and get back to your computer for more!