One of the many wonderful aspects of stand-up comedy is that it can be performed anywhere as long as it’s not in some sort of vacuum where sound does not travel. As comedy continues its recent boom in popularity and ubiquity on the Internet and TV, there simply isn’t enough room in traditional clubs for all comics to get stage time and a younger generation of comics have responded by staging shows anywhere they can. A group of Toronto comedians calling themselves Chuckle Co. decided to take their weekly show out of the friendly confines of one basement (Comedy Bar) to another (some guy’s house) to tape a special called Comedy in the Basement.

Shot beautifully by the DePaul Brothers, the half hour long, free special features stand-up from up and comers Amanda Brooke Perrin, D.J. Demers, Joel Buxton, Jordan Foisy, Michael Kolberg and Steve Patrick Adams. It’s a good example of hungry, young performers taking their careers into their own hands and producing content that is not only funny, but also slick. Watch Comedy in the Basement below and if you’re in Toronto, catch Chuckle Co. every Wednesday at 9pm at Comedy Bar!