The next best thing to Halloween candy is a good Halloween video, and if your DVD player is stuffed with overplayed American tripe like Friday The 13th and Wolfman Meets The Jewel Ghoul you should expand your horizons with the following CanCon classics. Besides, the Canadian government mandates that 30% of your Halloween frights should be Canadian and if you're anything like us, you're probably sick of watching the ubiquitous special, Mr. Dressup Dresses Up Again, This Time For For Halloween

Here’s a selection of homegrown Internet scaries, many from a bygone era when HD cameras were considered sorcery. These screamers will have you crying blood AND laughing!

First up is former Sketcherson and current This Hour Has 22 Minutes writer, Jon Blair, performing a spooky song as Fresh Talks, the Eastern European rapper who is very concerned about ghosts.

Sketch troupe Tony Ho are known for their dark humour so here’s a good one that will take you beyond the Twilight Zone and into some other, stranger zone that probably doesn’t have bathrooms:

Hotbox was a TV show but its ghost continues to flourish on the Internet. Here's a spooky little tune that warns of the dangers of loving spiders too much:

Nathan Fielder was a true master of horror before he made it big as a comedian and in this video he directed, comic Levi MacDougall must deal with a frightening presence who is technically inside his house:

Did you know Chris Locke was in horror classic The Shining? His scene got cut but here it is:

Here’s an early Picnicface video where some classic monsters get a little too real:

Rememer that movie Mirrors? If you don’t, Katie Crown put together this creepy cut:

And finally, here’s a video from yours truly featuring Andy Hull and Brendan Halloran that proves ghosts aren’t always scary: