After many, many guesses on Twitter (#truedetectiveseason2), it was announced yesterday that two of the actors hired on for the second season of the hit HBO series True Detective were Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn. Not exactly what we predicted, but exciting to finally see the season take shape nonetheless. That being said, we think they’re going to have some stiff competition with another similar new show called Tiny Detectives. That’s right, tiny.

The hilarious (and yes, fake) show by Funny or Die stars Ellen Page and Kate Mara as two short detectives who fail to solve any crimes, most likely because of their height. The two can’t see evidence up high, have trouble driving regular-sized cars and can’t even see important slideshows giving away information about criminals. Really, we think the police force might be discriminating against short people, but maybe also Page and Mara are not the brightest detectives. Either way, we kind of think this casting might be more perfect than the upcoming season of True Detective!

Take a look at the video below and tell us which one you’d rather watch: the upcoming season of True Detective OR Tiny Detectives?