Is Tim Gilbert actually sick? Or just a goof? On his new album, Please Help Me I Am Very Sick, he's both. Equal parts dark and totally silly, Gilbert's material covers the whole gamut of things that bug and confuse him: people singing out loud on the street, people who claim they're psychic, teenagers in general. But while his jokes often devolve into violent, bloody messes, they're all seemingly delivered through a shit-eating grin. Please Help Me I Am Very Good even features a joke about literal shit eating!
The album's top tracks include the following gems:
"A Psycho Comes to the Grocery Store"
A psycho walks into a grocery store in Gilbert's imagination. Will he be able to save the day?!
"Psychic Friend"
How do you think Gilbert will react when he learns his friend has turned psychic? (Hint: not supportively.)
"Choose Your Own Joke"
Gilbert gets democratic by letting the audience vote on which joke they'd like to hear next.
"Good Lookin' Crowd"
Gilbert tells the crowd how good looking they all look. Which is really, really disgustingly good looking.
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