When you interview movie stars about their new film, you should make sure to watch the movie you’re interviewing them about. Y’know, so you can form proper questions and whatnot. That way you can avoid a major fail like Denver TV host Chris Parente.

During a live interview with The Skeleton Twins stars Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader, it quickly became apparent that Parente had not seen their latest film and asks questions related to an entirely different movie. “Kristen, I am thinking on this program of doing the news completely full frontal, completely nude,” he asks Wiig, seemingly out of nowhere. “Do you recommend that? Do you have any advice on going nude?”

Wiig, of course, was shocked by that question not knowing that he was referring to her other new film, Welcome To Me. When Parente finally realizes that he got the movies mixed up, he just laughs through the rest of the interview knowing that he got busted. He continues by repeatedly saying: “I thought there were Muppets in this film!” (There are no Muppets in this film.)

So for all you budding journalists out there, remember: Do your research before an interview! Check out the hilarious, yet totally embarrassing clip below!