We’ve been very busy lately posting tons of Key & Peele stuff in lieu of this week’s season 4 premiere, but not as busy as K&P themselves. In a new interview with EW, the duo talks about developing a movie starring Key’s Mr. Garvey, the status of their Police Academy reboot and Peele’s horror film. You’d better start getting used to us smearing K&P news into your eyes as it looks as if they’ll be an integral part of pop culture for at least as long as it takes to make three movies while also shooting a hit sketch show.

These projects won’t see the light of day for a little while, so in the meantime we should sit back and enjoy the latest season of Key & Peele, with the comfort of knowing that their domination of Hollywood is right around the corner. Here’s a preview from next Wednesday’s episode, with a sketch about a parole officer, a convict and a puppet: