TIFF is coming to end but here's what you can do after the festival to keep the spirit alive.
1. Throw a hot party with just you and your cat aka "Angelina Jolie". Let your cat whisper Brad Pitt secrets to you all night long.

2. Sit in a rented limo and pretend to read scripts which are just a bunch of blank pages.

3. Tell the guy at Subway who's making your sub to not make eye contact with you. Throw cash in his face.

4. Hire your mom as your "assistant" for the week to make your bed/wash your hands.

5. End all conversations with "Let's do lunch, big guy."

6. Walk around town with an extremely large lanyard around your neck that says 'VIP'.

7. Rent a hotel room at the Ritz and have a nervous breakdown in the bed.

8. Call 911 and tell them you're a movie star and you're ON FIRE!!