With a title like SexCop FirePenis, I was very anxious to delve into K Trevor Wilson’s debut album to find out who or what SexCop FirePenis is. Turns out the title doesn’t refer to one specific bit but rather a cross-section of bits and topics covered throughout, so in a way, SexCop FirePenis is K Trevor Wilson.

But he’s not just a clever title. Wilson is a patient, effortless storyteller who is very efficient with his words, a quality that less-seasoned performers must work a long time of perfect. Being a large, “mildly terrifying human being”, a lot of his jokes revolve around self-deprecation but there’s just as much, if not more material culled being totally comfortable and happy with the person he is. This becomes clear as the album progresses and is very evident on one of my favourite bits where the rapsy-voiced Torontonian describes the difference between sleeping with an overweight person and a skinny person (clouds and marshmallows vs. leather bag filled with rocks and twigs). The album’s closer and longest track about going to church while drunk is another highlight with Wilson taking us through his Christian Scientist upbringing, culminating in an ill-advised round of the penis game and some discipline from his mother.

A good debut stand-up album should give listeners a clear idea of who the performer is and what they’re all about and K Trev accomplishes this not just with the album’s title but with each story and joke within. By the end of it we’re left with an accurate impression of what he looks like, sounds likes, has sex like, enjoys and fears. If Wilson gets justifiably huge and starts making jokes about airplanes instead of buses, I have a feeling the man telling them won’t be any different from the man who nicknamed his penis “Manny Pacquiao”.

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