We’ve decided that we work too hard and instead of wasting money on creating robotic versions of ourselves, we realized the cheapest way to lighten our load would be to hire eager, free labour in the form of interns. If you’re currently enrolled in a school program that pays out credits for such arrangements, CLICK HERE to apply to work with our digital team.
We’re looking for three brilliant and subservient individuals interested in a career in digital media to work with our Much, MTV, Comedy and/or Space brands. You should be the type of person who eats movies, TV, pop culture and whole grains for breakfast and be able to totally school us grandpas and grandmas on the latest tech and social media developments.

An internship will give you the opportunity to write blog posts, pitch stories, come up with interview questions, and likely more depending on how gullible you are. Term lengths are flexible but we’re hoping you’ll put up with us for at least 8-16 weeks either this fall or during January/February terms. These are non-paid positions but you will get to work in a historic downtown building, gain valuable experience alongside our top notch and pleasant-smelling staff and probably get a whole bunch of free stuff that nobody else wants.
So break out your favourite piece of word-processing software, type out some truths about yourself and head over to Much.ca to apply. If you feel more strongly about one brand over another, be sure to let us know in your cover letter. We’d highly recommend Comedy because we’re better than those other ones. Good luck!