Montreal's Faisal Butt was awarded this esteemed title at last night's JFL42 showdown, during which he out-joked seven other comedians from across the country. Butt's set combined observations on his Muslim heritage, the joys of Canadian unemployment insurance, and his own name. Which, as we've already mentioned, is Butt.
For its third year, SiriusXM upped the ante on the competition: while the winner typically scores themselves $15,000, Butt also landed himself a solo spot at next year's JFL42, and a TV set during the 2015 Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal. And he took his thank-you speech as an opportunity to shout a proposal to his girlfriend—who, from the sounds of things, was sitting in the veeeeeery back row of the balcony. But she still managed to yell out a very sweet "yes!" Go, Butt!

Ben Miner in the midst of announcing Faisal Butt (far left) as Canada's Top Comic,
presenting him with the coveted glass gag teeth trophy. 
The two runners up, Toronto's Pat Thornton and Vancouver's Darcy Michael, also won TV spots during next year's Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal, and will perform as a double header during JFL42 next September. They beat out a stiff-competition lineup of some of Canada's most promising stand-ups: Edmonton's Dan Taylor, Winnipeg's Chantel Marostica, Hamilton's Tom O'Donnell, Ottawa's Adrian Cronk, and Steve Coombs from St. John's. Congrats to everyone who made it this far!
The show was headlined by Funny and Hell's John Dore, hosted by SiriusXm's Ben Miner, and featured a performance by Toronto sketch troupe Tony Ho. That's a lot of jokes crammed onto one ticket.
For more information on SiriusXM's Top Comic, click here.

Watch how it all came together: