Those who sit down for an interview with one of The Daily Show’s correspondents know ahead of time that they’re likely going to be made fun of in some capacity, and have no problem with it so long as their comments and views aren’t misrepresented. When a group of Washington Redskins gathered for a chat with Jason Jones regarding their beloved team’s horrible nickname, they were shocked to be confronted by a group of American Indians looking to hear what they had to say and felt as if they were unfairly ambushed. The Washington Post ran the story last Friday and the future of the segment appeared to be in jeopardy. Thankfully, The Daily Show stuck to their guns and before airing the segment in question during last night’s show, Stewart addressed the whole debacle by saying:

We work very hard to find real people who have real beliefs and want to express those beliefs on television. And we work hard to make sure the gist of those beliefs is represented accurately. If their comments were intentionally misrepresented, we do not air that piece. We would not air that piece. So that being said, I hope you enjoy the following piece.

In case you needed any more convincing that a football team should cease its child-like stubbornness in favour of human decency, watch the video below and notice how the Redskins fans react to feeling victimized while not seeing the irony whatsoever.