The idea of a Hollywood filmmaker taking a career detour to write, direct, and star in a small passion project about a food truck already whet my appetite before I saw the film. Following two Iron Mans and one dud (Cowboys & Aliens), Jon Favreau returned to his indie comedy (and foodie, for all you Dinner for Five fans) roots with this breezy story about a celebrity chef (Favreau) who ignites a Twitter war with a food blogger, and consequently scorches his stable job at a trendy, if unadventurous, restaurant.     

This sudden lifestyle change sees him travelling from  LA to Miami with his ex-wife and son, where he’s inspired to fix up an old food truck and cook on his own creative terms. It’s a simple premise, but definitely recalls the flack Favreau took for the abovementioned turkey, Cowboys & Aliens, which saw him doing the predictable Hollywood thing and getting reamed for it. Think of Chef as his food truck.

It’s no masterpiece, but Chef is delightful from start to finish. The film clearly benefits from its wide-ranging roster of actors—from Dustin Hoffman to John Leguizamo to Amy Sedaris—and Iron Man star power (Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlet Johansson). There’s a lot of talent behind this otherwise scaled-back film, and the cast is as charming as the food is mouth-watering.

The Blu-ray boasts a commentary with Favreau and co-producer/legit chef Roy Choi that thankfully spends an equal amount of time discussing the film and the food. Also included is 10 minutes worth of understandably omitted deleted scenes. There’s nothing particularly unremarkable about them, but they would negatively impact the film’s pacing and length, which is maybe a hair too long, depending on how hungry you are. For what it’s worth, I watched this on a full stomach and was still drooling from those Cuban sandwiches.