A recent study indicated that going to the movies is now more expensive than buying your first house, so unless you were born with emeralds in your ears, you’ll probably want to skip the cinema this weekend.

That doesn’t mean you still can’t watch movies for free and thanks to Comedy, you don’t even have to steal DVDs or go through the process of deciding which DVD you’re going to steal. We’ve got late night movies on Saturday and Sunday that are bound to tickle your funny bone or whatever part of your body it is that makes you laugh. Me? Tickle my eyeball and I’m laughing all day.

On Saturday we’ve got the very strong one-two punch of National Lampoon’s European Vacation (midnight ep) preceding Vegas Vacation (2am ep). The Rusty Griswolds of these films don’t have the star power of Anthony Michael Hall or Johnny Galecki, yet Jason Lively and Ethan Embry remain my favourite incarnations of the lovable teen. The underrated Vegas Vacation features Wayne Newton and probably my favourite “fake ID” plot in movie history, while I still quote lines from European Vacation in my everyday life—on Wednesday I saw a couple Frenching passionately by the tennis courts and thought to myself “I think he’s going to pork her”.

On Sunday night we’re showing the John Cleese classic A Fish Called Wanda at midnight ep followed by Addicted To Love at 2:15am ep. Guess which movie is named after a Robert Palmer song!