Earlier this summer, The Simpsons teamed up with LEGO to produce Brick Like Me. The episode centred around Homer, who begins to suspect something is amiss in his world when his reflection appears different from his usual blocky make-up. Brick Like Me marked The Simpsons' 550th episode.

It seemed almost impossible to make The Simpsons, one of the greatest TV shows ever made, even better, but that’s the power of LEGO. A sequel to this year’s box office heavyweight The Lego Movie has already been confirmed for release in 2017.

Is it just us, or is everything better in LEGO? Here are a few examples. You be the judge.

The Dark Knight Trilogy

The Oscar Selfie

Young Adult Dystopian Films

Eddie Izzard’s Stand Up Routines

Shopping in a Mall

Movie Blooper Reels

Album Covers