Whitney Cummings loves us! Or at least, that's what we've gleaned from the title of her new stand-up special. I Love You premieres this Saturday, July 12 at 10ep on Comedy, and will feature uncensored insights—read: probably-vulgar jokes—about Cummings' love life and career. During the show, she also takes aim at the people who call women "crazy"­—which she recently described as "the new C-word." (Despite doing a whole bit about this very thing back in 2010, but never mind. We're just happy she smartened up.)
Cummings' resume is pretty packed: in addition to her stand-up career, she created and starred in the sitcom Whitney and co-created 2 Broke Girls—among many other credits. And in between all this, she also finds time to post lots and lots of Instas. So in advance of her special this weekend, we've rounded up her top five pics of the year.
5. Cummings’ dog is also a popular screenwriter, best known for her work on the sitcoms It's All Gone Dogs and Doggone It.

4. Classic underpants-outside-regular-pants humour!

3. Cummings gets a kiss from A.C. Slater. Does Jessie know about this?!

2. This is hot.

1. And Cummings' best Instagram of 2014 so far is… this one with a poodle. Poodles are just so weird.